Known Blockers

The following is a list of install states which the script will intentionally prevent you from upgrading with. This is because the script cannot garantuee a successful upgrade with these conditions in place.

Basic checks

The following conditions are assumed to be in place any time you run this script:

  • You have CentOS 7.9 or greater installed.
    • We DO NOT support alternative RHEL 7 (including CloudLinux) variants.
  • You have cPanel version 102 or greater installed.
  • You are logged in as root.

Disk space

At any given time, the upgrade process may use at or more than 3 GB. If you have a complex mount system, we have determined that the following areas may require disk space for a period of time:

  • /boot: 120 MB
  • /usr/local/cpanel: 1.5 GB
  • /var/lib: 3 GB

Unsupported software

The following software is known to lead to a corrupt install if this script is used. We block elevation when it is detected:

  • cPanel CCS Calendar Server - Requires Postgresql < 10.0
  • Postgresql - ELevate upgrades you to Postgresql 10.x which makes it impossible to downgrade to a 9.x Postgresql.

Things you need to upgrade first.

You can discover many of these issues by downloading elevate-cpanel and running /scripts/elevate-cpanel --check. Below is a summary of the major blockers people might encounter.

  • distro is up to date
    • We expect yum update to indicate there is nothing to do.
    • Mitigation: yum update
  • cPanel is up to date
    • You will need to be on a version mentioned in the “Latest cPanel & WHM Builds (All Architectures)” section at
    • Mitigation: /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/upcp
  • nameserver
    • cPanel provides support for a myriad of nameservers. (MyDNS, nsd, bind, powerdns). On AlmaLinux 8, it is preferred that you always be on PowerDNS.
    • Mitigation: /scripts/setupnameserver powerdns
  • MySQL
    • 99% of existing AlmaLinux 8 cPanel installs end up with MySQL 8. We recommend you upgrade your MySQL to 8.0 if possible.
    • MariaDB: If you have already switched to MariaDB, you have no way of reaching MySQL. Be sure you are on 10.3 or better before moving to AlmaLinux 8.
  • Some EA4 packages are not supported on AlmaLinux 8.
    • Example: PHP versions 5.4 through 7.1 are available on CentOS 7 but not AlmaLinux 8. You would need to remove these packages before the upgrading to AlmaLinux 8. Doing so might impact your system users. Proceed with caution.


  • Some providers of virtualized environments boot into a version of the GRUB2 boot loader which does not understand (or does not properly parse) the Boot Loader Specification (BLS) files which AlmaLinux 8 prefers to use to instruct the boot loader how to load the kernel and start the operating system. This can cause the system to fail to boot correctly in the middle of the upgrade process. To work around this issue, you must perform one of the following to proceed with the upgrade:
    • Disable the use of BLS when rebuilding boot loader entries by modifying the file /etc/default/grub to contain the line GRUB_ENABLE_BLSCFG=false.
    • Run the script with the --skip-disable-blscfg flag. If your provider uses the instance of GRUB2 provided by the OS, or if your provider uses an instance of GRUB2 which does support BLS, this should work without issue. If you do encounter the described issue, see issue #101 for further details.