Known Blockers

The following is a list of install states which the script will intentionally prevent you from upgrading with. This is because the script cannot garantuee a successful upgrade with these conditions in place.

Basic checks

The following conditions are assumed to be in place any time you run this script:

  • You have CentOS 7.9 or greater installed.
    • We DO NOT support alternative RHEL 7 (including CloudLinux) variants.
  • You have cPanel version 102 or greater installed.
  • You are logged in as root.

Disk space

At any given time, the upgrade process may use at or more than 3 GB. If you have a complex mount system, we have determined that the following areas may require disk space for a period of time:

  • /boot: 120 MB
  • /usr/local/cpanel: 1.5 GB
  • /var/lib: 3 GB

Unsupported software

The following software is known to lead to a corrupt install if this script is used. We block elevation when it is detected:

  • cPanel CCS Calendar Server - Requires Postgresql < 10.0
  • Postgresql - ELevate upgrades you to Postgresql 10.x which makes it impossible to downgrade to a 9.x Postgresql.

Things you need to upgrade first.

You can discover many of these issues by downloading elevate-cpanel and running /scripts/elevate-cpanel --check. Below is a summary of the major blockers people might encounter.

  • distro is up to date
    • We expect yum update to indicate there is nothing to do.
    • Mitigation: yum update
  • cPanel is up to date
    • You will need to be on a version mentioned in the “Latest cPanel & WHM Builds (All Architectures)” section at
    • Mitigation: /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/upcp
  • nameserver
    • cPanel provides support for a myriad of nameservers. (MyDNS, nsd, bind, powerdns). On AlmaLinux 8 / Rocky 8, it is preferred that you always be on PowerDNS.
    • Mitigation: /scripts/setupnameserver powerdns
  • MySQL
    • 99% of existing AlmaLinux 8 / Rocky 8 cPanel installs end up with MySQL 8. We recommend you upgrade your MySQL to 8.0 if possible.
    • MariaDB: If you have already switched to MariaDB, you have no way of reaching MySQL. Be sure you are on 10.3 or better before moving to AlmaLinux 8 / Rocky 8.
  • Some EA4 packages are not supported on AlmaLinux 8 / Rocky 8.
    • Example: PHP versions 5.4 through 7.1 are available on CentOS 7 but not AlmaLinux 8 / Rocky 8. You would need to remove these packages before the upgrading to AlmaLinux 8 / Rocky 8. Doing so might impact your system users. Proceed with caution.